Learn how to Henna

Have you been intrigued with the art of henna but do not know where to begin? 

Did you know that you can have a mini session at a location of your choice to learn how to henna!

Organize a henna course with a minimum of 8 people, and we will send our educator to you to teach how to henna!  Each course includes all the materials and supplies and goes over the following information:

This 5 hour group course held at a location of your choice is for those interested in learning how to apply henna freehand. The course teaches the key elements of a style of henna and the methodical understanding of developing complex henna designs. Basic preparation and design will teach you the essentials to make and apply henna in Arabic, modern Indian, and African styles.

Introduction to henna
  • Origins of henna
  • Henna traditions
  • Uses of henna
  • Geographies of henna
  • Arabic, Indian and African henna styles
Henna safety
  • Dangers of black henna
  • Safe henna practices
  • Pregnancy and henna
  • Henna hygiene
Henna Prep
  • essential oils
  • henna how to
  • applicators
  • henna paste
Henna Design
  • Key elements of henna designs
  • Practice of key elements
  • Variations of key elements
  • basic shapes in henna designs
  • Variations of elements and shapes for complex designs
  • Structuring designs for complex designs

How to apply henna efficiently
  • using henna cones to apply intricate designs
  • henna aftercare
  • using glitter and gems
  • working on large pieces 
  • organizing a small henna party of your own
Here are photos from sessions that we have held in the past.  If you want to have a Learn how to Henna course for yourself, be sure to contact us!  The price is $100.00* per person and includes all materials and supplies.  

First we use practice cones to help you get a handle on henna

Then we learn about how to make the henna paste.
Then we learn how to fill applicators to apply henna

Then we make a supply of henna cones for use
Each student goes home with 5 ready to use henna cones.

You get free time to draw your own designs

You learn the motifs in traditional henna designs and practice on each other.

We learn all about glitter, gems and how to apply henna at a small party.

*Prices subject to change without notice.  Our up to date pricing can be viewed on our website:  www.HennaArt.ca