My Blog Planner

Your Best Year is Here!
Are you ready to have the best business quarter of your career? What about next year? Do you even know what the business of your dreams would look like?

Do not miss your chance to get My Blog Planner at a low price!

Do you blog?  Is your blog a hobby?  Means for income support?  Or part of your business?  Either way, you probably know how hard it can be to stay on top of things!  From guest posts, to reviews, to taxes, to social media and of course running your business or day job, there are al ot of things you need to keep up with each year!  Tracking everything can be time consuming and stressful.  And without regular activity on your blog, you can forget about  generating traffic, revenues, or sales!

We have a solution to your blogging organization issues!  Introducing My Blog Planner

What makes this planner different from all of the other planners is that it is comprehensive and targeting specifically for blog writing.  We have also included sections for tips on giveaways, contests, blog advertising, and sponsorships.  To top it off, there are also sections for planning, creative ideas, personal growth, affirmations, and much more! 

The planner includes a calendar starting in October 2013,  along with planning forms and interactive lists to make things happen!  This will help you maximize your blogging time and hopefully allow you more time to focus on other areas of your life.

In this planner you will find worksheets for -

  • Basic Post Planning
  • Post Planning Extras
  • Social Media Planning
  • Statistics Forms
  • And many never before seen worksheets too!

Those are just a small bit of what is in this planner!

Ready to buy?

From October 24-November 15 ONLY the introductory price of this planner will be set at $5.95!! Keep in mind, this is the planner that we use in order to schedule our blog and posts!  From our business success to yours!