Using a bottle and tip for henna body art

If you are a newbie to henna body art, a bottle and tip might be the best way for you to apply henna designs.  While the tool of choice of many professional henna artists is the mylar cone, a bottle and tip can help you get started.  Once you have a little bit of henna experience under your belt, you can upgrade to henna cones

We did a post on how to make the henna paste from our Beginner DIY KitRead it here.

Now you can learn how to fill your bottle and tip (included in the kit) for body art applications.

Start with a fresh batch of henna paste
Give the paste a stir to make sure there are no lumps or bumps so you have smooth, silky paste.

Grab a small glass, cup, or container that you can use to fill your carrot bag (also included in the DIY kit).  The easiest way to fill a carrot bag (whether you are using it for henna or cake decorating or whatever your creative heart desires....) is to stretch it over a container and then use a spatula or spoon to pour your mixture into the bag.
Take your spoon or spatula (remember to keep them stainless steel or silicone) and pour your mixture into the carrot bag. 

It's much easier to do it this way instead of having to juggle around with a carrot bag and try to transfer your mixture.  We like using carrot bags for our henna paste because it is very easy to fill henna body art applicators (bottles or mylar cones)

Take a pair of scissors and make a small cut at the bottom of the carrot bag.  Try not to make the hole too big, otherwise, the tip of the bag will not fit inside your squeeze bottle or mylar cone.
Squeeze the carrot bag from the top to fill up the bottle.
Put on the plastic top.  Click it into place, otherwise the henna paste will ooze out from the sides.
Place the metal tip on top.  With our Beginner DIY kit, we supply a 0.7mm metal tip.  This is an inbetween size between too fine and thick. 

Now you are ready to apply henna!  Squeeze the bottle and the paste will come out from the tip. 
Be sure to clean out your bottle and tip thoroughly between each use!  Soak the tip in warm soapy water and then use a pipe cleaner or lots of water to rinse it clean.  ALWAYS store your bottle and metal tip in a clean state!  Never leave your squeeze bottle or tip dirty. 

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