A is for Apple and Aliyah!

Aliyah is a teacher that I met several years ago through a mutual friend.  At that time, she was teaching special needs kids, which is a whole different world for teachers.  Aliyah's patience with students was something that I always admired and wished I could have a bit of!

I was thrilled when I found out that Aliyah got engaged!  Of course, she contacted me a few weeks after the couple had set a wedding date, and as my wedding gift to her, I did her bridal henna.

Aliyah's consult was super easy, because she knew exactly what she wanted.  She wanted a design similar to something I had done for her back in 2010.  Her major concern was the staining quality of the henna.  She did not want, under any circumstance, that the henna on her palms turned out looking black (since our natural henna paste does give you a nearly black stain if taken care of properly).

Along with the mehndi party, I was able to enjoy the wedding and dance my butt off!  And Cosmin Danila did an excellent job capturing Aliyah's special moments.

I also hid Farhad's initials (FS) in the design.  Can you find them?

Congrats Aliyah and Farhad!

Can you find Farhad's initials in the design? 

Here are where Farhad's initials are hidden.

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