Cleaning Naturally 4

So if you tried the laundry recipe last week, you might also want to consider a quick and easy recipe for removing stains naturally: 

This one is a hit - and extremely easy. 

  • Baking Soda
  • A tiny, tiny amount of water

  1. Look your stain right in the face! 
  2. Dab your baking soda directly on said stain
  3. Dab the smallest amount of water onto baking soda
  4. Through in the wash! 

Next week, we will make dryer balls so that you can replace the nasty chemical sheets with a natural alternative.

Once you see how easily these remedies can be prepared, and how well they can work; feel free to buy yourself a latte with all the money you are going to save! 

Do you have any natural laundry recipes? Share them with us below!