How to take photos of your henna

Today's workshop Wednesday will encourage you to read through an e-book we have recently published.

One of the most important thing about doing henna is to be able to capture what you have done.  This helps to build your portfolio, show your clients the styles you are comfortable with, and lets you look back and reflect on your work.  Taking photos of your work is important, but also needs to be done with care.

As an amateur, novice, or professional artist, you should be taking photos of your work, to reflect your style, your improvement, and your artistic abilities.  Use some of our tips and tricks to learn how to take better photos of your work.

Because you are reading our blog post here, take advantage of downloading a free copy of "How to Take Better Photos of your Henna"  an e-book dedicated to showing you how to make your photos better. {now available for a FREE download!}

This e-book is filled with tips and tricks from our personal experiences.  You will see examples of the difference our tips will make.  See before and after photos of henna work, and get a short checklist at the end to make sure you are following good photo taking protocols.

Download your copy of "How to Take Photos of Your Henna" for free!  Please be sure to mention us on your social media in order to keep getting access to free stuff!

Have you taken great photos of your henna work?  Share them with us by leaving a comment below!