Man Henna

Henna has traditionally been a form of art for women.  Being used constantly as a decoration for the body, and as part of ancient cosmetics, women have used henna for centuries.  It has been used to dye the hair and fingernails, something that ancient women of Egypt or India had the luxury to do using the henna leaves.

More modern henna, of course incorporates symbols and motifs that are intricately detailed and contemporary.  Whereas in the past, henna used to be applied with just a stick or twigs, now there are modern forms of application--plastic cones or plastic bottles with various metal tips.

Modernization of henna has also created a new trend for men to get henna done.  Although if you go back to the home countries of henna cultures, you will find that men use henna as a dye, instead of for body art. Occasionally, a man would be seen with henna on his body just as part of celebration, a symbol of a good omen, and taking part in the henna ceremony during his wedding.

Modern designs for masculine henna can be anything.  We have done Celtic and tribal designs in the past, and more geometric and funky designs recently.  Enjoy this collection of man henna--better known as Manna!  (fair warning--there is a little bit of profanity)