Meet Ciara

I started doing henna at the age of twelve or thirteen, after having my own henna done at a wedding I attended. It was one of the very very few times that someone else has done my henna, since subsequently, I practiced on myself and my friends (with sometimes disastrous consequences).

I love to create designs with flow and rhythm, which lends itself well to Indo-Arabic styles. Currently, my favourite work to do is tattoo trials. They make use of my full range of skills artistically, and are always a challenge and also a pleasure!

Art is an all-consuming endeavour that takes up most if not all of my time in one way or another, but whenever I have time, I enjoy researching tattoos, longboarding, and hoop dancing. I'm currently studying fine art (hoping to major in Illustration) at Emily Carr University.

I can best be described, as enthusiastic and very quirky, I think. One of my biggest pleasures of the last year or so, has been meeting and talking to the incredibly diverse people that I have henna-ed, and I hope to continue to meet new people in my work very soon!