The World At Our Fingertips!

 As a child in the 1980’s my world was decidedly insular.  I was only privy to my family’s Anglo Saxon traditions and knew little of the world outside of my small community.  Once I started public school however, I encountered a gloriously diverse group of peers and was fortunate enough to have teachers who celebrated our cultural differences as a way of expanding our young minds. One of my peers took this opportunity to share her tradition of henna art.  She kindly brought a henna artist for our annual multicultural festival and I had my first henna application.  The dialogue that this demonstration started was the beginning of my cultural awakening and my lifelong passion for how different cultures celebrate the great milestones in life.  In a fortuitous twist of fate, here I am 20 years later distributing Henna Art products and embedding myself in Edmonton’s henna community which has expanded in the past two decades and is now celebrated by people of all walks of life.  What a magical world to live in, to see over the years how our multiculturalism has enriched the lives of our communities bringing the world to our fingertips!  As this holiday season rolls around I am so honored to be able to return home to Ontario and introduce my nieces and nephews to henna art.  What once illuminated my imagination is now my great privilege to pass on to a new generation whose world is on the cusp of expansion!