Bridal Progression

When doing a bridal application, one of the better things is when the bride is able to fully relax.  Sometimes, a bride even falls asleep during the bridal henna application.  This bride, tired from a busy week, took the quiet time and did fall asleep during her bridal henna.  That's why I had a chance to take some shots of how I progressed with her bridal arms.  With just a few photos of the bridal progression, you will be able to see how an artist lays out a bridal design and the application process.

Start with a major outlining motif.  In this design, we did an outline with flowers.

Add your design elements.  This design featured paisleys and a lot of cross hatch/criss-cross designs.

Add your next major element.  In order to break up the floral designs, we incorporated a bold band with a geometric filler.  This kept the design flow nice and coherent with the cross hatch elements above.

Working your way towards the fingers, add another major element.  Go back and fill in the intricate details before going too far ahead with big design elements.  This makes it easy to visualize the design and also helps to not smudge the wet henna paste.

Finished design.  A little bit of peacock love with whimsical and wispy elements.

Here is a collage of the progression.  Enjoy!