Henna Pause

Henna stains the darkest on the bottom of the foot, especially near the heel. Get the design of your choice on the bottom of your foot so you can still enjoy henna body art without having to deal with people at your workplace, or over the glasses glance from your boss!

Henna was traditionally used as a way to keep the body cool in the desert. It's cooling properties helped people of the desert keep their body temperatures low when the henna paste was applied to the palms of the hands, and soles of the feet. People found that as long as the stain was on the body, their temperatures stayed low. Henna on the bottom of the feet, or palms of the hands not only look beautiful, but also help keep your body temperatures low.  This is great for menopausal women to keep their hot flashes... cool!


Exfoliate your feet and the soles of your feet  a couple of days before your appointment.  
Arrive at your appointment without lotions or oils on the soles of your feet
Sit back and relax as an artist applies a beautiful design on the soles of your feet.  The designs can be mirror images of each other, or two completely different pieces.  
Let the design dry to the touch.  The artist will then apply an aftercare solution to help seal the design
Once the design and aftercare solution are completely dry, the artist will cover your design with paper towels or medical gauze.  This will then be secured in place with plastic wrap or tape.  
Bring flip flops to your appointment so you don't have to walk out in shoes.
OPTIONAL:  When you are home, wear socks to help keep your feet warm (as they will feel cool with the henna paste on)
Keep your feet out of water for at least 12 hours (water is the enemy of henna for the first 24 hours).
Enjoy staying cool.  Show off your henna design at yoga class!  Remember, your henna stain will darken 48  hours after application.

Reviews from clients:
My feet are awesome. I had to have a blanket last night (and I never use a blanket at night, no matter what season!). The colour has become a rich brown.  

At first I was a little weary of your project, but I can now see why you are doing this.  When you were applying the henna, of course it felt cool--but I thought it was because of the essential oils you have in it, and the fact that a cool paste was going on the bottom of my feet.  But now that it has been a couple of days since the application, I am really enjoying the design, and do feel that my hot flashes are less hot.  I would like to see if having the henna on the palms and the soles of the feet would make a bigger difference.  

I was surprised at how I did keep cool at night with the henna on my feet.  I think the cooling down lasted about a week, and as the henna is wearing off, I want to get more done so I can sleep peacefully at night!