Progressive Drawing of Arabic Inspired Henna Motif

From the positive feedback on social media, we are doing another progressive drawing for this week's Workshop Wednesday.

Remember, every Wednesday, we will post a tutorial of some type with henna.  if you let us know what type of stuff you want to learn, we can create a tutorial about it.  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Anyway... This time, the progressive drawing is of an Arabic inspired motif.  This motif is drawn in a feminine, intricate design.  However, by make a few changes, this design can transform!  You can adjust a few things with your application technique, and this motif can go from feminine to masculine; from lacy and intricate to bold and distinctive.

For starters, here is a side by side photo tutorial of all the images.  Below, you will find in detail how the design can be altered to give it a masculine, feminine, lacy, and bold look. 

Here is a step by step tutorial:

Start with a swirl and a curl.

Add a shape to make a funky three hump heart.
MAKE IT MASCULINE:  make the humps of the heart wide and short. 
MAKE IT FEMININE:  make the humps of the heart long and narrow.

Add a paisley like shape
MAKE IT MASCULINE:  less curve
MAKE IT FEMININE: more curve
Do some shading in.
MAKE IT BOLD:  color the whole shape in 
MAKE IT INTRICATE: shade lightly with small distinct lines 
Add a floral motif.
MAKE IT MASCULINE:  make the petals of the flower very square like instead with rounded edges.
MAKE IT FEMININE: make your flower petals very rounded
Add some floral and wispy elements.
MAKE IT MASCULINE:  skip the wispy elements
MAKE IT FEMININE: more wispy, more feminine
Add a connecting element
MAKE IT MASCULINE:  make this element colored in instead of with scallops MAKE IT FEMININE: make this element with lots of curves

Adding more details to make the design bigger.
MAKE IT MASCULINE:  less curves, bigger dots
MAKE IT FEMININE: more dots, curves, and shading

Again, add a motif to make the design bigger.
MAKE IT MASCULINE:  make the motif geometric
MAKE IT FEMININE: make the motif very floral by adding lots of curvy petals

Hope you have fun with this one.  Be sure to leave a comment below!