Quick Wedding Designs

One of the best parts about weddings is the Sangeet party, or mehndi raat.

This is a time when the family comes together to celebrate the wedding.  The women of the family get together and sing traditional songs of wedding and love.  Usually, the men have a small gathering for themselves in another part of the house.  This is a time for the extended family to get together and be rowdy and gleeful!

Aside from the singing and dancing, there is of course mehndi!  Traditionally, the henna application is done as a celebration, representing good feelings and best wishes.  When there is henna around, the guests are usually expected to take part in the ritual as a good omen.  Even if someone does not want a henna design, they are usually encouraged to get a little flower or dot done on themselves.

While there are a few women who want a little bit of henna done, most of the time, the guests are eager to get their turn for the henna application.  With a standard wedding henna party of about 20-40 women, it is sometimes difficult to get through everyone.

Here are a few henna designs from a summer Sangeet party.  You can download an ebook with Sangeet designs, called Simply Sangeet, or a bit more intricate designs, called Mehndi Raat, from our website.  You can also download Bails and Bracelets--a FREE e-book with Indo-Arabic henna designs.


A design from Bails and Bracelets

Unique positioning of the henna design.

Big and bold flower and paisley

A little geometric fusion

Cute designs for a little girl

Flower mandalas