How to find a good henna artist for your party

When you are organizing a party, it's important to make sure that you have a good henna artist.  There are few things you should consider when planning to hire a henna artist. 

Professionalism--is the artist you are hiring professional?  Have you had a chance to speak to him/her through email or over the phone.  Do they have a website? Social media pages? Portfolio?

Portfolio--Does the artist have a portfolio displaying their work?  Are the styles of their work something that you are interested in getting done for your party?  For example, if you are looking for traditional designs, is the artist able to apply those styles?

Price--Does the price of the artist fit with your budget?  Many professional henna artists will have a flat hourly rate.  Is the artist up front about their pricing?  Do you know exactly what it will cost you to hire the artist for a certain amount of time/certain number of guests.

Licensing and Insurance--Does the artist have insurance that they carry?  It's important to have protection with a liability insurance policy and all professional artists should carry it in case something happens at an event.  Does the artist have the required business licensing?  When an artist is responsible for carrying out their business, they are more likely to be more professional and reliable.

Responsible--Does the artist have positive reviews of references?  How did you hear about this artist?  If a friend has previously worked with the artist, what are their honest reviews about the artist.  If the artist is responsible and reliable, they will have positive reviews from previous customers.

Products--What type of henna does the artist use?  Does the artist use pre-made paste, or do they make their own henna.  What type of ingredients are in the henna paste?  Is the artist comfortable explaining the ingredients and why they are in the henna?  Does the artist know about black henna and PPD?  Are they able to explain safe henna practices?  Will the artist provide you and your guests with proper henna application and aftercare instructions?

Experience--Does the artist you are hiring have experience in your type of event?  Are you wanting to hire an artist for a large party?  You want to make sure that the person you are hiring is able to handle the pressure of a large party, or be able to provide that personal connection in an intimate setting.

Attitude--Is the artist you are hiring have a good attitude about doing henna?  Are they going to be able to please your guests, be able to answer their questions, carry a conversation, and be respectful to you and your guests.  

A professional artist will have no problem answering these questions.  Be sure to have your reservations at rest before hiring an artist.  It's important to not only hire a good henna artist, but to also make sure that the artist will be able to fit with you.