Photo tutorial 1

Today's Workshop Wednesday features a photo tutorial for an intricate mandala style design. 

This design features a bold flower as the central piece, alongside an intricate filler.  With the contrast of thick and thin lines, this design comes together nicely with an Indo-Arabic theme.  Dots finish off the design and make the mandala design coherent and balanced.


 Start with a flower center.
 Add bold flower petals seen recently in Gulf style designs.
 Another layer of bold flower petals to complete the Gulf flower.
 A variation in line thickness helps separate design elements.
 Draw a line around the flower that is equidistant from the inside flower.
 Fill in the space with a flower filler.
 Continue filling all the way around.

 Filler complete.
 Using thick lines helps make the design bolder.
 A line of dots around the flower helps complete the design.
Design complete.