Proud to be PPD Free

Proud to be PPD Free is a small campaign started by a small group of individual henna artists to help promote the use of natural henna and stop the use of black henna.

As a supporter of this cause, Henna Art has joined this campaign to spread the word.

PPD is a dangerous chemical often used in hair dyes.  Often, people add this chemical to natural henna to make it black and stain instantaneously.  Unfortunately, side effects from the use of such substance can range from dermatitis, skin irritation, permanent scarring, and burning sensations. 

We are proud to be PPD Free and you should be too.  You can purchase your own web badge through or directly below.

You will receive a short questionnaire about safe henna practices.  Upon successful completion of the questionnaire, you will receive the PPD Free badge to be displayed on your website, blog, social or print media.

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