Festival henna

Two cute designs for two sisters. What do you do when you are given artistic freedom and allowed to apply any design you want? 

What do you apply when you have a line up of at least 10 people and someone who wants a large arm piece?

How do you keep your cool when it's so hot outside?

You LOVE doing henna so you keep calm and henna on. 

Here are a few photos of designs from festivals around Edmonton along with a comment about each design. Henna Art was lucky to take part in the Works Art and Design Festival as well as the Street Performers festival. 

Two cute designs for two sisters. These designs are very I Dian inspired with a touch of contemporary elements. Both of these designs are part of Motifs and Mandalas and are quick $5.00 designs. 

Another cute $5.00 design with a little bit of African touch. This geometric design was perfect to do because it was small and simple, and was perfect to wear on a hot summer day!

A somewhat large hand and arm piece. This design incorporated the leaf shap while maintaining symmetry. The wearer of this henna was elated because she now had a good reason to show people the finger without going out of bounds. 

Another hand and arm design for someone. This design was straight out of the ebook Mehndi Raat. This design is dense and filled with traditional paisley and floral elements. The two finger design is a new trend and something out of the ordinary. It helps balance the width of the hand and arm portion of the design and also gives a good reason to show the finger. 

This was a client request. The original design is from Glory of Henna, a California based artist. Another trend of the leaf shape, as seen before.  This design also incorporates a bracelet style with little dangly elements. The client requested this especially as an early Eid henna application. 

Next week, we will have more henna to share!