How to Roll Mylar Cones

It is September and you are trying to dapple into doing henna.  Autumn is the best time to learn how to henna because the winter gives you lots of days and nights to practice on friends, fruits, paper, and just about every inanimate object you can get your hands on.

While using bottles and tips are great for beginners (which is why we have it in our Beginner DIY kit), they do take a toll on your hands.  Learning to use mylar cones is a whole different world, but once you have mastered the technique, you will be able to apply henna pain free, almost flawlessly.

An important step in applying henna with a cone is to know how to roll a cone.  If you would rather get some pre-rolled cones, please go ahead!  However, for those daring individuals out there, here is a short video on how to roll your own mylar cones.