Three Design Elements

Here are some of my favorite design elements from previous designs that have been done.  These are all close ups of the various design elements so you can seek inspiration and incorporate these elements next time.

Line Dots:  They are fun to make and easy to use as fillers!  Line dots are just a string of dots applied in a line (or curve).  This example uses line dots to fill in a rectangular area around the wrist in this bridal design.

Apply line dots by applying equal pressure as the henna comes out of your henna cone.  Instead of lifting the henna cone away from the body, just bring it a little lower and apply another dot, connecting to the previous.

Another favorite design element is negative space.  Leaving the spaces empty on the skin allows the attention to be drawn to the detailed elements in the design.  The "white space" allows you to focus on the intricate parts of the design without it being too overwhelming.

Shading:  Doing shading can require a little bit of practice and patience.  However, once mastered, this technique can be applied to any type of design.  Practice shading by applying slight pressure on the henna cone to release the henna paste.  With just a little bit of henna paste coming out of the cone, use the tip to spread the henna paste in places that you want.  You can practice this technique on paper and skin.  Just find a shape (leaf, flower petal, paisley, etc), and practice shading it in.  This technique requires practice so do not give up!