Graphically Perfect Bridal Henna

"Graphically perfect and spectacular" were the kindest words that I heard after doing Sabrina's bridal henna.

Of the many brides that I had the chance to decorate with bridal mehndi, Sabrina's henna was my favorite.

The reason was simple.

Sabrina was a super easy to get along person.
She didn't have any strange requests.
She wasn't a bridezilla.
She gave me artistic freedom.

Don't get me wrong here, none of the other brides were bridezillas or complicated--it was just that Sabrina was super sweet and easy going.  And coming from Australia, she was not really fussy about anything that was happening.  She knew--the wedding is for the family--the marriage was for her and Omar.   

This is a quote that I always tell my brides to help them stay calm and keep their nerves during the wedding stress."The wedding is for the family, but the marriage is for you and your husband."

Sabrina gave me artist freedom but gave a few guidelines as well to make my job easier.  In my notes from the consultation, I had "geometric" "graphic" "visually appealing" "open" "not too intense" "paisleys and flowers okay, but not too much."  For her feet, she had picked out Darcy from Henna Lounge's design.  With that, my job was to make sure that Sabrina had the perfect bridal henna. 

And so I tried to make that happen for Sabrina.

I started with doing Sabrina's feet.  The design is filled with flowers and paisleys with geographical fillers.  The "visual appeal" of the design came in the diagonal band on the foot.  Following Darcy's design, I tried to add my own touch of henna elements and artistic twist.

I usually start with the feet because it gives the bride the freedom to use her hands for any last minute things.  Once the feet were done, I started on the back of the non-dominant hand.  Although I didn't get a chance to get a photo of the design, I was able to capture one image.

The back of the design incorporated paisleys and some geographical fillers.  The design was divided by a viney angled band, followed by filling the back of the hand with intricate fillers of flowers, lines, and vines.  Because there was focus on the hand portion of the design, I opted to leave the fingers a bit less intricate and visually appealing.  

The last part of the design application was doing Sabrina's palms.  This was my favorite part of the bridal application.
The design was visually appealing with a bold vine breaking up the design.  The thumb was covered with a swirl dot motif resulting in repeating flowers.  The fingers were kept very simple with line dots and a sunburst made with sprouts.  My most favorite element in this design was the placement of the square filler next to the vine. 
This design was inspired by a design done on Neha Kapur's bridal henna.  (Neha Kapur is former Miss India who married Kunnal Nayyar of Big Bang Theory).

This design application gave me the ability to release my inner artist and take on a bridal design that was not only out of my comfort zone, but also encouraged me to use elements that traditionally do not get used often with bridal mehndi.