Sunday Funday Design 1

Today, I will share with you a design and go over some design elements in that design.  Every Sunday, read about some cool designs and try to do it on your own!

Design Inspiration:  Asha Savla
Major Design Elements:   paisleys, band, peacock, leaves, flowers
Filler Elements:  swirls, lines, flowers, geometric, shading, scallops
Level of Expertise:  Advanced
Type of Henna Session: Private Session
Amount of time required for application:  approximately 20 minutes
Type of Henna used:  Organic Raj with Special Blend Essential Oil

Design Application Process:
  1. Start with drawing out a diagonal band, about 0.75-1 inch wide.  This is the diagonal band you see on the arm with the geometric filler
  2. Almost perpendicular to the band, draw large scallops.  Thicken the line and draw another line above and below your first scallop line.  
  3. Fill in the space created by the dip in the scallop with paisleys.  Fill the paisleys with a filler of your choice.
  4. Draw a small scalloping edge on the bottom scallop line.  Fill in with a floral filler
  5. Fill in the traingular shape created between the band and scallop line with an intricate filler
  6. Fill in the band with a geometric filler
  7. Darken all outlines
  8. Draw a half circle to fill in the shape created by the band and the wrist
  9. Line the circle with a scalloped edge
  10. Starting at the edge of the hand, draw a peacock body
  11. Attach a big leaf (to be filled in later) to the left of the peacock body
  12. Nestle in a large flower petal (to be filled in later)
  13. Draw another large leaf where the peacock's crown should be
  14. Attach another peacock body in the space left between the flower petal and leaf.  Make this peacock body large so that it covers the rest of the hand and goes onto the finger
  15. Attach a paisley where the peacock's crown should be
  16. Add a leaf on the middle finger to complete the flow
  17. Fill in leaves with line-dots in the center and shade in the leaves
  18. Darken all outlines
  19. Fill in the peacock body with floral and scallop filling
  20. Darken all outlines
  21. Nestle in small flowers where there is a bare space that needs filling
  22. Add small paisleys at the tip of the finger at at the very top of the design
  23. Add decreasing dots on the fingers and on the top of the design
  24. Add any other finishing touchs