Sunday Funday Design 3

Design Inspiration: Mehndi Look Book Volume 2
Major Design Elements:  Swirls
Filler Elements:  scallops, dots
Level of Expertise:  Beginner to Intermediate
Type of Henna Session: Birthday Party
Amount of time required for application:  approximately 5 minutes
Type of Henna used:  Jamila Henna with Special Blend Essential Oil

Design Application Process:
  1. draw a swirl about 1 inch big
  2. outline the swirl with small scallops
  3. outline the scallops with scalloped flower petals
  4. add a dot to the center of the flower petal
  5. draw another swirl in the opposite direction of the first
  6. repeat steps   2-4
  7. draw a flower using scalloped petals at the edge of the pointer finger
  8. nestle in an upside swirl between the flower and previous swirl
  9. repeat steps 2-4
  10. draw a small curl at the end of the flower towards the pointer tip
  11. outline the curl with a longer curled line and wispy leaves
  12. draw a small scalloped flower on the ring finger
  13. add wispy ends