Toonie Tuesday Mehndi Look Book Volume 2

Two weeks ago,we featured Mehndi Look Book Volume 1 for just $2.00

This week's Toonie Tuesday features Volume 2 of the Mehndi Look Book series.
If you are tired of the paisley-flower-paisley flower repeat OR want your traditional clients to do something funky, this ebook is for you!  

Use Mehndi Look Book Volume 2 as a inspiration seeker for private henna appointments, henna parties, and wedding mehndi parties. Many of the designs take less than 10 minutes to complete and can be competitively priced, from $7.00-$15.00. Included are popular designs elements seen in Arabic, Indian, and Gulf style designs. These hand patterns are a great addition to your Sangeet party designs. Use the unique layouts and non-traditional design elements as inspiration, or let your clients to choose a design from this collection.

Here are sample designs from the ebook.  And just for $2.00 on Toonie Tuesday, you literally have nothing to lose!