Slow Henna Part 2

Savouring the Slow Movement

The slow movement is a cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better.  It's not about doing everything at a very slow pace, but rather about seeking to do things at the right speed, not in fast forward.  Savouring the hours and minutes instead of counting them, or counting them down.  The slow movement is about really taking the time to do whatever it is you are doing and doing it really well.  It's more about quality than quantity.

If you read last weeks' post about slow henna, you saw that by slowing down and taking extra time to do henna, the results can be phenomenal!  Today, we will share with you more photos of slow henna done throughout the week. 

Straight edge henna design with intricate fillers

A majestic mehndi moor, peacock, inspired by Asha Savla

A fusion Indo-Gulf design on paper with whimsical leaves

A peacock standing firm on the ground with flowers done on paper with henna.