Slow Henna Part 4

Appreciation of Each Henna Design

When you slow down and take your time to do your art, it also gives you a chance to appreciate it more as the creator.  When doing art for a living is your life style, sometimes you whiz by the pieces you create and forget them.

With our Slow Henna project, we can take the time to not only create the art, but more time to appreciate it.  Appreciation can come in forms of just admiration, constructive criticism of your own work, and even doing some photos for portfolio building.

Slow henna gives you a chance to take the time to build your portfolio.  As a professional henna artist, sometimes our electronic portfolios fill up so much with posts on Facebook and Instagram, we forget to fill our print portfolios.  Print portfolios are just as important as electronic ones and give customers and potential clients a chance to see your work and feel it in their hands.  Photos speak a thousand words and slow henna is a great opportunity to take some.

With the slow henna movement, I was able to take multiple shots of a design that was applied.  With the various backgrounds and layouts, each photo portrays a different mood and feeling.  Slow henna is the new black!