Sunday Funday Design 6

Design Inspiration:  Various elements
Major Design Elements:   Flower made with scallops and a vine with leaves 
Filler Elements:  Line dots
Level of Expertise:  Intermediate
Type of Henna Session: Decorating Toms shoes with fabric paint
Amount of time required for application:  approximately 25 minutes per section
Type of Henna used:  Fabric paint in a henna cone

Design Application Process:

  1. start with a scalloped edge flower in the center of the section (color 1)
  2. Using your second color (we used gold), draw in a diagonal vine coming out from each side of the flower
  3. outlise the vine with a large scalloped edge
  4. outline the lower edge with small scallops stacked on top of each other
  5. finish off filling the design with vertical line dots.