Sunday Funday Design 8

Design Inspiration:  Gulf and Indian elements
Major Design Elements:  "rose" flower derived from Gulf designs and whispy elements 
Filler Elements:  curls, sprouts, whispy leaves and vines
 Level of Expertise:  Intermediate
Type of Henna Session: private session
Amount of time required for application:  approximately 10 minutes per foot
Type of Henna used:  organic Raj henna with signature recipe and special blend essential oils 

Design Application Process:

  1. start with left foot--draw curls towards the big toe.
  2. apply henna on the side of the foot using Gulf elements--roses, leaves, whispy curves
  3. With right foot, start by drawing a Gulf rose
  4. add to the top and bottom of the design by adding leaves, whispy elements and sprouts.  
  5. add dots and sprouts where space is blank
  6. add Gulf leaves (thick outlines)
  7. mix various elements to for this design