How to take better photos of your henna Part 4

Instagram tips for your henna photos

Instagram is a popular social marketing tool used by many people to portray their work to the world in square photos with hashtags galore.  It is a popular app used by professional artists and others.  But the truth about Instagram is that sometimes it takes about 5-10 tries in order to get just the right photo to post onto your Instagram account.  Hopefully the following tips will help you get better photos of your henna onto Instagram faster. 

Get the right crop
Sometimes, you can’t get your entire subject in the small square frame that Instagram offers.  One of the most important things to keep in mind is that as an instagrammer,you don’t always have to be square.  While it’s easier to have your photos squared off, some things can look much better when they are horizontal or vertical.  If you believe that your image will be better viewed in the 2x3 ratio, use an app that will help you size a horizontal image properly for Instagram while keeping the background clean.

Get the right composition
Sometimes photos are great when your subject is centered in a square crop, but many times the photo can be more interesting when your subject is not placed right in the middle.  Using the rule of thirds, use the grid lines on the screen to place your image on the intersecting lines to help create more intersect to your subject.  

Straighten your photo
The straightening tool is a great feature on instagram that many people skip over.  If you have a straight line somewhere in your henna photo, make it straight, or example something in your background or a horizon in the background.  

We went over lighting before, but cannot stress the importance of having good lighting for your photos, whether you are taking them from an expensive camera or your cell phone.  One of the best features of cell phones these days is that you can point to an area on the scree where you want your lens to focus.  Tapping on the darkest area of the photo will add the most light into your lens.  Try tapping on differing areas until your lighting and focus are just right.  

Using and not using filters
One of the most unique things about Instagram is the chance to use the cool filters that the app offers.  Putting a filter over everything does not make your photo beautiful.  Keep filter use simple and stick to a couple of different filters only.  This establishes your brand as well without making your photos seem too artificial.  

Simple Backgrounds
We went over backgrounds before but just to touch on it specific for Instagram use.  Try to stick to neutral backgrounds.  Choose backgrounds with soft, light colors and textures because they allow your subject to be the focal point of your image.  If you take your henna photos (which are full of intricate details) on busy backgrounds, your actual work will lose attention.  

Captions and hash tags

Make your caption count.  Tell your story with your photos but also with some words.  If you are using hash tags, keep them simple, less than 8 hash tags and specific to your photo.  For example, if you are posting a photo of a mandala design, use hash tags like mandala and henna and circle, but also consider using hash tags like balance, geometric, center.  Going hash tag crazy may get you a few more likes, but will not create an organic following. 

Keep it simple
Beautiful instagram photos do not require much though to figure out what is happening in the photo.  If you are trying to portray a huge bridal design, start with showing just pieces of it and following up with your entire work.  The same goes for anything large and too intricate for small screen.  Don’t over think the process too much.  When it all comes down to it, do what you think looks best and what represents your personal style.