How to take better photos of your henna Part 5

Simple photo editing for your photos

Hopefully you have learned a few tips and tricks on how to take photos of your henna.  However, to add that last bit of extra touch, it’s important to make sure you know a few basic photo editing tricks to make your henna images pop! 

On your phone or tablet, you can download a number of apps that will help you with focus, contrast, temperature and saturation to name a few basic edits.  You can also download simple and more complex programs onto your computer to process your digital images.   

The following tips may help your images pop:

Contrast-play around with contrast to make sure that the henna on the skin pops, but try to make sure that you are not making your skin too light or your henna too dark.  Play around with the contrast to determine what settings work best.  Each setting will be different for every photo.

Brightness-by increasing the brightness in a photo, you will add a little more light to the darker parts of your photo.  This can be helpful if you were forced to take the photo in a dark setting.  Don’t brighten the image too much, otherwise other things in your photo may seem ghostly.

Saturation-by increasing saturation, you can help intensify the colors in your photo.  This tool is especially important for photos of stain quality.  Sometimes, capturing the depth of your henna stain is very difficult, but playing around with the saturation channel, you can better depict your stain quality. 

Temperature—most households utilize yellow lights which can add a yellow hue to your photos.  Unless you are using the correct white balance, your photos, when taken in doors at night with yellow light, will have a yellow hue.  An easy fix is to “cool down” the temperature of your photo.  Cooling the temperature will add blues to your photos to help neutralize the yellows.  The opposite is true for photos taken outside on a cloudy or sunny day.  These photos tend to be a little too blue and cool for presentation.  You can increase the temperature to warm up your photos and add more red tones to neutralize the blueness of your photos.  You can also use the colors channel to adjust the temperature of your photos in more complex editing software. 

All editing software will also allow you to crop your image.  Using the rule of thirds, you can crop your image to best fit the frame, even if you centered your subject.  You can also use the crop tool to eliminate distractions in the photo so that your henna body art is the main subject of your photo.  

I hope you have enjoyed the series on how to take better photos of your henna.  Next week, there will be a link with a PDF download of all these tips!