Sunday Funday Design 9

Design Inspiration:  Paisley
Major Design Elements:   paisley, leaves, scallops
Filler Elements:  sprouts and dots
Level of Expertise:  Beginner 
Type of Henna Session: Private Henna Session 
Amount of time required for application:  approximately 10 minutes
Type of Henna used:  Jamila Henna with Special Blend Essential Oil

Design Application Process:
  1. start with a paisley shape. This shape should be applied with a thick outline. 
  2. Draw a leaf shape inside the paisley. 
  3. add a flower at the end of the leaf's bottom portion
  4. Draw parallel lines that connect the flower to the top of the leaf shape 
  5. Add sprouts to make the veins of the leaf
  6. finish the design off by adding another line on the OUTSIDE of the paisley shape
  7. Outline this line with a scalloped edge
  8. Outline the scalloped edge
  9. Add dots to the center of the scallops