Henna University 2015 Workshops

Henna university is a place to gather, meet artist, learn how to henna, and exchange lifelong friendships, as we get together over a weekend of sharing tips, tricks, and tutorials on the ancient art of henna.

Workshops to Attend

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Henna University Alberta:  April 25-26, 2015 EDMONTON

Yoga-yoga flow catered for henna artists to relieve back, shoulder and neck tension

Henna Safety-a brief discussion on safely using henna, black henna, and health regulations in Canada regarding henna

Mixology-how to mix henna powders, developing your own recipes, and mixing henna for different environments

Cone rolling-using different materials to roll the perfect Mylar cones

Drills- Henna practices for new artists to perfect their application skills. We will go over dots, lines, swirls and curls.

Floral Basics-developing floral designs, working with various flower petals and how to form the perfect flower

Mandalas-developing mandala designs and the meaning behind mandalas

Paisleys and Peacocks-focusing on the paisley shape and making peacock bodies

Technical Techniques- learn how to apply a design variation with more technical techniques in henna such as shading and pressure control. We will also go over using thick and thin lines to achieve dimensional henna.

Fillers 1 & 2-using basic shapes and techniques to make creative, intricate and detailed fillers

Basic elements-The basic elements of traditional henna designs

Advanced Henna Session 

Sketching Designs
Social media and henna
Henna history
Portfolio building
Photographing your henna
Private henna
Pregnancy henna
Learning New henna styles