Trends of 2015

Henna is such a versatile art form. With its temporary nature, it's no wonder it has gained so much popularity in the west in the past 20 years. With a boom in the tattoo culture, henna provides a safe and temporary alternative for self expression. However, keep in ind, that henna is NOT a tattoo (on Instagram?  Use hashtag #hennaisNOTatattoo) 

We can go on and on about why henna is not a tattoo, but let's save that for later. For now, let's go over some trends for 2015.  This is especially important for the brides of 2015, as bridal henna is become hotter, super intricate, and more beautiful then ever. 

A favourite trend for us is the Gulf infusion. Gulf henna designs come from the middle eastern region of the world. They are noticed by the unique combination is motifs, a repetition in patterns, and unique placements. Gulf henna style started becoming popular a few years ago, but the explosion in this style happened last year, with various artists putting up designs on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Some of these designs went viral and pushed henna artists to embrace this style of mehndi. 

Another trend you will see his year is the infinity edge design. The infinity edge is a grat little way to pack a bunch of smaller design elements into one design, without having any rhyme or reason. The infinity edge is a unique way to give a clutter of elements some shape and form. An infinity edge design is marked by the combination of smaller elements, all combined in a design. You can't see the edge of the design, but the artist lightly draws out a border. The inside of the birder then gets filled with various elements. 

A third trend for the 2015 henna season is vines and vine bands. Vines are made with a line (or curved line) with little leaves coming out of it. You will see this old school design come back to life with modern henna designs. Old school henna designs used vines as designs on the fingers, but these historical beauties are popping up again. You can also see vines in band forms. Our favorite is the triple vine band. This is the perfect design for someone who can't have body art at work, because it can be applies on the upper arm, where your boss doesn't have to see. Better yet... How about a bold vine pattern on the upper thigh as a sexy valentines surprise?

While old school vines on the fingers may find your way on social media, another trend that is emerging is having different patterns on the fingers. Instead of going for a diagonal design on the hand, more people are now heading towards finger tips henna designs. Yes, of course this limits the amount of typing you can do on your smartphone, so henna selfies will have to wait until the paste is off the skin. But when the henna paste comes off, you are left with a gorgeous pattern on your fingers, with each design being unique and intricate, it will be hard to keep focus. 

Although there are new trends coming up everyday, we cannot forget the traditional mandala design. You will see more mandalas this summer, with unique elements. While mandalas on the palm are traditional, trending for 2015 are mandalas on non traditional body parts. How about a gorgeous mandala design on the upper arm, the inside of your elbow area, or even above the knee.  (Did you know that companies in Japan are using the area above the knee as a marketing space for various brands? )

Trends for bridal henna you ask?  Here is a list of trends yu can expect to see at a wedding near you: vines, bands on the upper forearm, fuller and more henna, peacocks and paisleys, big bold gulf inspired flowers, and an eclectic design application.