Symbolism in Henna: Flowers

       Flowers are one of the most favoured and celebrated elements of henna.  Representing timeless beauty and new life, flowers can remind women to feel beautiful in their own skin.  In nature, flowers cannot last forever, but are always a sign of growth, beauty, and even the hope of future abundance.  Flowers in henna can serve as a reminder to cherish every fleeting moment, just as you cherish a fresh blossom. 

       Who doesn’t feel a surge of delight when they see a bouquet, or a field full of vibrant wildflowers?  Flowers are often a symbol of joy and happiness.  Arabic and Indian henna are both very floral.

       Want to make your floral designs feel more exotic and interesting?  Flowers naturally combine well with leaf and vine elements, which symbolize perseverance, longevity, devotion.  Try using vines to connect different elements of your designs, or to flow gracefully up fingers and toes.  How about adding in a spray of buds?  Buds symbolize new life and new growth, especially at the end of a drought.  What could be better when you need a reminder of hope and branching out to try new things? 

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