Symbolism in Henna

Many people wonder if there is any spiritual significance to the designs seen in henna, oftentimes wondering if they are going to unintentionally insult someone by choosing a particular design.  The short answer is NO, you will not be offending anyone by enjoying henna!  Overall, the practice of henna is very inclusive and unifying.  
            The act itself of applying henna is symbolic, as the artist and the recipient of the henna share a bond and closeness through the process.  There is talking, relaxation, and physical touch associated with henna application, and the act of applying henna is a symbol of celebration.  This connection and bonding is one of the reasons henna is a traditional element of wedding celebrations.

            Patience and time are also symbolized in the art of henna itself:  one must practice stillness while the design is being applied, and then must wait for the paste to flake off naturally, and wait longer for the stain to fully develop.  Henna represents cycles and stages in life, as it requires a time to develop, and a time to fade before something new can be created in its place.  Henna is a reminder of the need for quietness, peace, and patience in our lives. 

Henna is a very social practice, and it is commonly enjoyed surrounded by others, like at festivals, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or shared between friends as DIY skills are improved.  (Interested in trying it yourself?  Get your hands on a BeginnerDIY Kit, or Pregnancy DIY kit!).


            What does henna symbolize for you?  Friendship?  Community?  Inner peace?  Beauty?  Connection to nature and history?  Comment below and let us know!