Fingertip Designs and Ideas

Fingertip Designs and Ideas

Fingertip designs have come roaring back into style this spring!  While always being wildly popular in bridal henna and traditional full hand designs, many people stick to basic stand-alone bails, mandalas, and other less full designs.  Stand-alone designs are still great, modern, and current, but lets bring back the finger tip embellishments!  

Gorgeous stacked rings, midi rings, and bright polish have been making fingers a focus in fashion recently, why not add some gorgeous natural mehndi into the mix?  

A new trend in henna has been to rock an empty unadorned hand, with heavily designed fingers. Here are some examples, using our new Acrylic hand templates, available  here.

Keep it simple with some chevron-like pattern, scallops, and floral accents.

Want nothing too fancy and frilly, but something subtle that makes a statement?  Do some simple, repetitive lines and dots. 

 Add a few accent fingers into a fuller, repetitive, vine design to add some interest.

Let your fingers take all the attention by doing a creative mix of swirls, curls, dots, and botanical stamens.

Sometimes, its the finger design details that really give that "wow" factor and completed feel to a design.  This piece is all about the drama on the fingers.

What's your favorite look? Dramatic or delicate details? Post your favorite ways to decorate your own fingers with henna, we dare you to try something new!