Gulf and Geometry

Geometric elements in henna are beautiful!  Traditionally, a lot of the henna details were achieved with collections of tiny lines.  Sometimes the patterns would be a basket weave design, and other times, they would be a variation of rotating line stacks.  Whether the person liked geometric designs or not, the artist used her tool of a stick and henna paste to apply these patterns.  Many north African designs are geometric, with the use of lines, triangles and squares.

Gulf designs, on the other hand, are a very modern style.  Gulf designs come from the Middle East region of the world.  These designs are marked by big, beautiful elements balanced with small repetitive elements, all positioned uniquely on the body.  The characteristics of Gulf designs are marked by the juxtaposition of the pattern, and repeating elements.

When the combination of Gulf and geometry are put together, the pattern revelation is unreal!

Since the evolution of time, humans have been trying to make their lives more efficient and better.  The same goes for the evolution of henna.  As artists, we strive to make sure our work is more beautiful, more inspired, and more technically perfect.  Now that we can use henna cones with various materials (cello, plastic, mylar, metallic plastic, etc), our application techniques have improved a thousand times. 

Here is a Gulf inspired design with geometric elements.  The horizontal band with the criss-cross filler makes a bold statement.  The big, bold flower under the band is Gulf inspired.  The tear drop shape with super intricate curls as fillers is another bold element.  The small little leaves around the tear drop pattern are a mark of Gulf inspired designs.  The vine on the finger is another Gulf element.  With so many curls happening, the bold, geometric band helps break up the design, and makes the hand look visually pleasing.

What kind of Gulf and geometric elements do you like?  When have you incorporated geometric elements in your designs?  What would you do differently on the above design?