Infinity Edge Design, step by step

Infinity Edge Design, step by step

Here is the promised step by step tutorial on an infinity edge design.

   Total Application time: about 20 minutes
   I used Jamila henna powder to mix the henna paste, along with lemon juice, sugar, and            Henna Art's Special Blend essential oils.  Want a tutorial for making your own henna paste? Follow this link: How to mix Jamila henna powder

    Before applying any henna design, it is best to give your skin some TLC, my favorite secret is to exfoliate with a homemade moisturizing hand scrub, just 1 part coconut, olive, or avocado oil, and 1 part white sugar.  Rub the oil and sugar mixture over damp hands, and rinse off with cool water to reveal soft, moisturized skin just begging to be decorated with henna!

    I prefer to start on the fingertips, to allow adequate dry time before I will inevitably need to use my hands again.  Add some swirls and stripes around the nail, and a few simple stacked flowers.  I chose to make my infinity edge flow down my index and middle finger, down the side of my hand, but this design also would look beautiful on your ring and middle fingers so that it flows right down the center of your hand.  

    Next, I filled out the middle finger with swirls, dots, and loose petal shapes. connect the two fingers with larger flower petals.

    Here comes my super easy trick for first time infinity-edgers: whip out some plain clear tape, and line it up in a straight line down from your fingers to act as a guide for your infinity edge.  This step is not necessary, but it can help to keep your infinity edge crisp and distinct.

    With the clear tape guide in place, finish off that large flower, and add a smaller one underneath, connecting the two with more loose petals and dotted curves.  Make sure to fill in your designs right up to the tape border for the best effect.

    Add in some smaller flowers, or paisleys with petals along the outside, with petals reaching down towards the wrist now instead of towards the fingers.  Flipping the way you expand your design, by flipping the way that the design elements are facing, will make your overall piece look more dynamic.

    Almost finished! Add some large scalloped curves filled with loose petals and small flowers and curls.

    I ended my design with more loose stacked petals, but you could add larger intricate paisley, or even a flower.  With the end of the design, it is ok to make the final element not expand all the way to the infinity edge, as this makes the end of the design look less abrupt, and more like it trails off gracefully.
    Now, for the grand reveal, and the most fun step... Peel off the clear tape! If bits of your design overlapped on top of the tape, the tape will peel it off for you, so do this step slowly and carefully to check if you will need to add any finishing touches along the sides.

Voila! Try this exact design out yourself or on a friend, or add your own pizzaz and post your design below to share with us!