Infinity Edges are all the Rage!

Infinity Edges are ALL the RAGE! 

    Every once and a while, we watch new and exciting trends emerge in henna art... the latest?  What seems to be invisible walls holding the design elements together in perfect alignment, without actually drawing any sort of boundary, is called an Infinity Edge.  It is a striking, modern balance between fullness and intricacy of a design, and a beautiful use of negative space and an artists' restraint!

      Infinity edges look a bit intimidating, but what if I told you that next week I could give you a step by step on how to make THIS lovely new bridal design for 2015!:

     It's true! Take a deep breath, keep your end result in mind, draw it out on paper first if you need to, and just stop to look at your work often! Stay tuned next week for the step by step photo tutorial of this infinity edge design!

     Still scared? Here's a sneak peak at my fancy little trick for how to make an infinity edge doable for almost anybody:

That's right folks.  You are officially being given permission to use tape as a guide.  Instant henna pro!