Intricate details

Henna wasn't the way you see it now... It used to be just stained hands and finger tips. It used to be Crimson circles in the palms, and soles of the feet dyed the color of deep brown. But the art of henna has changed.  It has evolved and transformed. 

Instead of simple shapes and styles, henna is now seen in various genres of style. 

Intricate, Lacey henna designs have been made possible by the use of finer and more precise applicators, like the mylar cone, syringes, and plastic bottles with metal tips. With modernization of technology, the art of henna had the chance to modernize itself as well. 

So the next time you see a henna design you adore, remember to think back to the basics of henna body art. And always remember, henna is not a tattoo. It is a beautiful form of body art that has transcended borders, cultures, religions and social rituals.