Slow Henna Part 6

Technology and the art of henna 

With modern technology, the idea of henna is now known by many people around the world.  The incorporation of social media in the last 10-15 years has brought henna to parts of the world that would have historically have no idea about this art form.  People from eastern Europe have become popular artists, while kids in north America have the opportunity to learn about the traditions of henna, alike.  But with social media being so popular, are we losing the value of henna body art?  Instead of taking the time to value each individual piece, are we now going towards the social spiral of being appreciated in the cyber world?  Technology connects us in ways that can be wonderful, by allowing us to share ideas, art forms, and inspirations.  However, it also tempt us into trying to hurry up our artistic, business, and personal relationships.  

Instead of taking the time to appreciate a design or a stain that one may have, we are speeding up the art of henna and trying to spread it through our own social media portals as quickly as possible.  The number of LIKES on a particular design has more value than the actual elements of the design itself.  We worry about the number of Instagram hearts we get on a photo, instead of the love of henna.  We are concerned about getting more strangers to LIKE our page, instead of disseminating useful information to people who actually care.  Instead of reaching out to people who are genuinely interested in the ancient art of henna, we get occupied with pleasing the 10,000+ fans one may have on facebook, or taking photos to get more followers or pinners on pinterest.  

Let's slow down this ancient art form and take a minute to recognize the elements in a design, instead of simply liking a photo.  Let’s take a minute to remember that these elements come from years of traditions and history.  Lets slow down and take some time to appreciate what we have in front of us in this moment instead of planning for the future and future social media engagement.  Let’s slow down our henna a little bit more and indulge in the art of henna.  

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