Symbolism in Henna: Mandalas

          Originating in India, mandalas are circular and repetitive patterns, starting with a simple central dot and expanding outwards.  The mandala as a whole represents the universe and all of the physical aspects around the center, with both life and spirit held in a balance.  The central dot represents seed, or the beginning of all life and growth.  

          Mandalas are mesmerizing and complex, but also feel very centered and complete.  Many people view mandalas as a representation of centeredness and stability, as well as prayer and connection to something bigger than oneself.  Mandalas are common on the palms of the hands and are very popular for brides wanting a simpler inner hand design, but they can be placed anywhere on the body.

            Working on drawing your own mandalas?  Start in the middle with a dot.  Don’t be afraid to keep the layers simple and repetitive at first, as the mandala expands it will only become more beautiful.  Add floral elements and petal type shapes, or choose to keep it geometric, utilize negative space… mandalas can be very diverse!  Snap a picture of your finished mandala drawings or henna designs and share it with us!
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