Essential Oil Overview

Essential Oil Overview: The facts

Most people have heard of essential oils, heard rumors that they are safe and easy to use, have all sorts of hidden benefits, and can even help with some ailments.  Essential Oils are especially important in the Henna world, as some of them help to release the natural Lawsonia dye from the henna plant and allow it to penetrate and stain the top layers of epidermis (skin).  Many essential oils also just smell beautiful and are used for aroma therapy, some claiming to improve mood, productivity, focus, sleep and relaxation, and a wealth of other things.  Here's the rundown:

 Our Bridal Blend essential oil, unique to Henna Art, is a perfect balanced mix made specifically for bridal henna, to help in getting that dark, rich stain that, as rumor has it, will make your husband and mother in law love you even more!   Aside from making your bridal henna stand out and last even longer, the Bridal Blend has an incredible natural fragrance.
 Lavender is a calming, soothing, gentle essential oil, and that is why it is used especially for mixing henna to apply during pregnancy when skin and even a pregnant woman's sense of smell may be more sensitive than normal.  Lavender henna cones can be purchased premixed from our online store, and lavender essential oil is featured in our DIY Pregnancy Henna Kits.  Lavender is also a great option for those who have eczema or other skin issues that cause the skin to be more sensitive than the average person.  Lavender is also used in aromatherapy for its soothing, relaxing properties.  Add a drop or two to your bed linens to promote a deep refreshing sleep.

 Naiouli essential oil is used in our original Special Blend essential oil, an essential element of our Signature henna cones.  Naiouli is believed to improve circulation, and support the immune system during times of stress.  Naiouli essential oil is sometimes used in skin treatments for both aging and acne prone skin.
Cajeput is also an element of the Special Blend essential oil, and is related to Tea Tree essential oil. It is best used in aromatherapy, with a fresh, fruity aroma it is believed to improve cold and flu symptoms, and can be used well diluted on the skin.

Rosemary essential oil smells like a stronger version of the well loved herb used in cooking.  The essential oil is invigorating, refreshing, stimulating.  Rosemary is most successfully used for skin and hair care.  On the skin, Rosemary can greatly improve oily skin and acne, and on the scalp it is strengthening and stimulating to the hair follicles and can help to prevent hair fall or hair loss.

Looking for the perfect blend to add to your own henna paste recipe?  Look no further! Our organic, original Special Blend essential oil smells lovely and fresh, blends smoothly with henna paste and helps the paste to become more silky and consistent, and helps to release the Lawsonia dye from the henna powder.  

In general, essential oils with high levels of monoterpene alcohols, such as Tea tree, Lavender, and Cajeput, will cause the henna to release more Lawsone molecules which cause the staining properties on the skin.  Overall, when mixing your own henna paste, you can experiment with using our tried and true Bridal and Special Blends, or you can make your own mix and see how your stains turn out, and mix up the fragrance of your paste a little!

Our online store has even more essential oils than those described here, as well as options for sizes of essential oils, if you wish to be economical and buy your favorites in bulk, or just do a modest sample size: Henna Art Essential Oils   (PS. Our Special Blend essential oil in 30mL size is on sale right now!!!)