Geometric filler part 1

Geometric fillers are something trendy and beautiful in henna designs. While they require a little bit of planning and some work, after their execution, the designs fill in a good amount of space and create visual appeal in a henna design.

Today's workshop post will walk you through how to apply this bold geometric filler. This filler can be made simpler by reducing the number of lines and details, so do not get stressed out about doing these fillers. If this kind of filler is something you would like to accomplish, just keep drawing this with henna until you have perfected it. 

Start this filler by first making boarder lines. A thick border line will help distinguish the band. 

As with any border, you want to make sure that the border is set apart from the filler. We can simply accomplish this by adding thinner lines in either side of the thick border. 
The variation of thick and thin lines creates a distinct separation for the border. The same thing will be applied with a space in the middle. 

We will now start the geometric filler. The filler will start with the application of diagonal lines. This can be simplified by applying just one diagonal line instead of three. 

The same will be done in the opposite direction to create intersecting lines. 
The filler can be further detailed by adding a rhombus in the space created by the intersecting lines. 
The rhombus can then be filled in or left blank.... Let's fill it in. 
You can certainly stop here, but let's humorous ourselves and keep going. Add some dots here and there to make this geometric henna filler more intricate. 

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