Henna sleeve

A henna sleeve is a design done o. The arm to cover the entire arm. When you really think about it, bridal mehndi  is no different than a henna sleeve. A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to do a henna sleeve for a man. 

When  he came to us to get a sleeve done, he had no idea what he wanted except for a bear paw.  Once the paw was in the skin, he started to get ideas of the various elements that he wanted. One after another, he requested elements... Some that didn't connect with each other. The challenge here was to mix all the requested motifs to to form a coherent design. 

Some of the elements he requested are designs seen in sacred geometry, like the six pointed star. Other elements were from tribal and geometric tattoos he had seen on the Internet. Some elements were from designs from tv shows and pop culture. 

Once we were done with this, he was absolutely in love. 

One of the great things about henna is that it is versatile enough to combine elements from everywhere and yet still be a single design. What are your favorited elements from this design?