Progressive Peacocks Part 1

This week's workshop post will feature a progressive application of a peacock design.  Peacocks are great creatures and so versatile in the henna world.  You can incorporate peacocks in everything, including bridal henna and even hipster henna designs. 
This looks a little bit like a swan body.  You could easily just fill this in and turn it into a swan.
Or you can keep going to add feathers and a crown.
Adding details on the feathers will make our peacock intricate.
Once the details on the feathers is added, go back to shade in the feathers.  Instead of shading, you could certainly leave the feathers as they are; however, shading in the blank space of the feathers gives the design more depth and makes it pop out.

Next, go in to fill in the details in the body
The long neck/body area also needs to be filled in with details.  You can use any type of details for this portion.  The details of the body and neck can be as intricate or detailed as you want.
We also added in a little bit of details on the ground that the peacock stands on.  And then, further embellished it to make it more intricate.  You can leave this blank, or fill it up with whatever you want.
With a tiny smudge, our peacock is complete!