Progressive Peacocks Part 2

This week, we will be doing another peacock drawing with a progression.  This peacock is a little different than the last peacock progression we showed.  This design is best done by artists who have experience in henna and are comfortable controlling the cone.

This is the outline of the body shape.  (start with the little leaf shape in the lower right section and fill in the little flower.  The proceed to draw the rest of the body.)

Once the body is drawn out,add some facial features.  The eyes of the peacock are best drawn as the mirrored shape of the beak.  The anatomy of a peacock always includes a crown on his head.
One at a time, we will now fill in the sections of the peacock.  We started first with the paisley at the top.  The fillers are simple swirls and curls.  These are great fillers to begin with mastering if you are just starting out doing henna.
Next, we added some leaves on the tail feathers.  Although this is not exactly what you would see on a real peacock, the versatility of a peacock design allows us to fill it in with whatever design comes to mind. 
More swirls fill in the tail feathers. 

Filling in the body will finish off your handsome fella!