Slow Henna Part 8

Productivity and pleasure 

Being productive is very important as a henna artist.  Most of the time, as an artist, we are also working to make a living.  To enjoy something and to do it as a job is the dream of many people.  Seeking pleasure is certainly a big gain from slowing down.  Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing slowly.  This is something that holds true across the board, no matter what art form, or activity you are talking about.  By speeding things up, we have become so obsessed with the destination that we have lost the art of enjoying the journey.  In the modern, fast paced world, everything has to be instant.  With this, we miss out on the joy of anticipation and forget to look forward to things.  We forget to strive to make things happen.  For example, speeding through a festival makes one lose the pleasure of looking forward to the person receiving the art, see their reaction, and hear their thoughts on the design.  
When we speed through henna, we lose the anticipation, and therefore, lose the excitement of the art form.  Anticipation is a key ingredient in pleasure of any kind.  When we look forward to something, we start to put in positive thoughts and feelings.  We start to imagine how it will be, and start to plan how to enjoy it.  Every once in a while, we may even get the butterflies and feel nervous about doing henna.  This is what the art of henna should be about.  Getting exciting for each and every single piece of art you will give to a person.  Getting nervous about applying a design you have been imagining for a little while.  Looking forward to the client with the design request so you can ENJOY the art form instead of feeling pressure.  And when you finally do slow down to enjoy the process of henna, the pleasure and happiness from doing it is more intense.  

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