Fun with Hand Templates

Practice acrylic templates are one of the better inventions in the henna world.  The life size acrylic hand templates are durable, washable, and reusable.  Because they are life size for a normal person, they are great tools to practice on.  The template lets you put on henna designs, figure out placement of the designs, and lets you do designs that may be out of your sketch book, or even out of your comfort zone.  As with all henna art, it does fade away eventually.  You can have the template sitting on your table for days, or clean it off quickly within a few minutes.  No matter what you decide to do with the design on the template, they are always there to help you continue on your henna journey.

Playing around with hand templates is great fun because the template is so versatile.  You can do intricate designs for bridal style henna, or simple ones to figure out design placement. Go order your HAND TEMPLATE on our website:

This week, we will share with you a design done on the hand template.  This design is somewhat bridal--super detailed and pretty intense.  You will also be able to see the flow of the henna and how to place the elements.