Geometric Filler Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, we showed you a design with a some what complex geometric filler.  This filler was done at the top of a large bridal design, which will be shown to you next week's Workshop Wednesday post. 

This filler is a pretty simple filler, if you take the time to draw out each repeating element.  The best thing about fillers is that they fill up a lot of space, and have simple elements put together to make a complex and intricate design. 

This filler involves draping lines and squeezing dots. 

Start by sketching the border of the space you want to fill.  In this scenario, we have a space that has a curved edge. (prior to adding in the geometric details, but after taking the photo, we added some more details to the edge of this border).
Next, add in two sets of lines-a horizontal set and a vertical set.  These lines should be spaced out evenly to make little squares.
In the space where the lines intersect, squeeze out a little dot in each of the corners.  Squeeze out the dots in alternating intersecting lines.  In other words, squeeze out four dots in one intersecting set of lines, and then skip the next set of lines, and squeeze in the third set.  Do this until you have squeezed out all the dots for the entire space.

 Finally, you want to go back, (if you have space and want to add some more spazz), and squeeze out a tiny dot in the blank spaces of the boxes.  Only do this if you are confident that your design will still look clear and not bleed together.  The tiny dots will go in each little square to complete the look. 

Have you tried to make a complex filler of your own?  Share the photo with us by posting a link below, or share it on social media with us, or tag us on Instagram with hashtag #HennaArtCanada.