Practice Henna Sleeves!

Practice Henna Sleeves

       Running out of skin to practice henna on?  Getting bored of applying the same paisley-flower-paisley-flower pattern, and itching for a more daring design?  Try to convince some of the men in your life to let you try out something a bit more edgy or tattoo style to really refine your henna skills and spark some creativity!  
      I was personally inspired by a pair of sleeve designs on pinterest, including tree rings and a forest design.  

      The tree rings look best when accomplished with thin, light pressure lines.  I also found that making the rings a little bit imperfect, and adding in some negative space "cracks" gave a nice effect.  To add character, I also added in some trees, tiny flowers, and mushrooms to the outer perimeter of the bark.

      On the second arm, I connected with the trees growing out of the cut tree on the first arm, emphasizing the new growth botanical theme.  Using a lighter pressure and scribbling motion to make the two outer trees in the background of the design added some depth.  The soil and tree roots beneath actually cracked while they were drying, since the henna was applied heavily, and this created an effect of smaller hair-like roots branching out. 
       This design could be expanded on or simplified, and would look extremely cool on both men and women, and could even be placed on the legs instead of inner arms!